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When we first started touring, we were lucky enough to have very generous friends who shared their knowledge and experience with us. We couldn't have started without this help. Ever since, we've been committed to sharing both our creative process and our experiences of running a theatre company to anyone interested. We do this through blogs, educational resources and supplementary material. This section of our website is pretty new, so if there's anything else you'd like to see or if you have any problems accessing the material let us know!


Disclaimer - we're still a young company, so please don't think anything here is the 'right' way to do things. We tend to make things up as we go along, try to get as much advice from our friends as possible, and hopefully learn from our mistakes...


The Creative Process

A Foolish Hope is our Artistic Director John Walton's website and blog, full of his reflections on making theatre. Here's a good one to get started: Devised theatre: ten tips for a truly creative collaboration.


Click here, here and here to read more about The Real Macguffins journey making Instructions for American Servicemen in Britain. And click here for some of John's reflections about the show.


Click here for a collection of blog posts on the making of Winston On the Run.


Education Resources

Click here to download our education pack for Instructions for American Servicemen in Britain. It's packed full of historical context, ideas for schools activities, interviews with cast members and further reading. You can also click here to find out more about our programme of schools workshops.


Booking the Tour

We're pretty new to the touring game, but our Instructions campaign recently we got used as an example of best practise by House Theatre - so we must be doing something right! Here are some of the resources we used to promote the show to programmers.


Click here to see our The Touring Pack - we emailed this to every programmer we could think of who might be interested.  


Our touring pack is very pretty, but it was our trailer that really sold the show.


And click here for a blog post we wrote a few years ago about getting the Winston On the Run tour booked.


Press and PR

Click here for our Instructions for American Servicemen in Britain press release, and click here for a blog our PR-guru Jane Verity put together for the tour of Winston On the Run.



As a small-scale touring company that normally spends only one night at each venue, we rely to a large extent on the venues we tour to to market our shows. Click here to see the marketing pack we send out to support their work.