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It’s 1942 and a horde of Yankee servicemen have just arrived in England - where the locals speak a strange dialect, boil all their food, and talk endlessly about the weather. The Americans see the Brits as a strange race. Get ready to judge for yourself in a night of joyous laughter and downright silliness as a crack team of experts attempt to explain the rules of British life.


This rib-tickling new show for adults and families is from the creators of 'Winston On the Run' (★★★★★ WhatsOnStage) and 'Dr Brown Because' (★★★★ The Times, The Sunday Times, Time Out).


Inspired by the 1942 pamphlet given to GIs on their way to Blighty, the show will take the audience back to the British home front, where two American officers have been charged with explaining British life to their recently arrived countrymen. The problem is, they’ve only just arrived themselves! Will the plucky team succeed in explaining the quirks and customs of everyday British life? Or will Hitler’s propaganda split the allies asunder? The future of the free world hangs in the balance.


Adapted with kind permission from the Bodleian Library's publication "Instructions for American Servicemen, 1942".



2019 Dates


22 March, 7.30pm


01694 720132


23 March

BEWDLEY, Worcestershire

01299 404808


24 March


020 7287 2875


28 March


01628 788997


29 March

WROXALL, Worcestershire

07889 106755


30 March

CODDINGTON, Nottinghamshire

01636 701013


1 April

COWLEIGH, Worcestershire

01684 566054



Created by Dan March, Jim Millard, Matt Sheahan and John Walton

Performed by Dan March, Jim Millard and Matt Sheahan

Directed by John Walton

Set and Costume by Martin Thomas

Sound by Jon McLeod

Movement by Sam Fogell

Accent support by Stacey Jenson

Writing support by Freddie Machin

Technical support by Jean Goubert and Matt Llewelyn Smith

Associate Producing by Sarah Wilson

Print design by Rebecca Pitt

Video trailer by Chloe Plumb

Photography by Lidia Crisafulli and Maria Shickle

Outreach by Rebecca Tortora

Produced by John Walton


Supported by Arts Council England, the Unity Theatre Trust, The Theatre Chipping Norton, Redbridge Drama Centre and the Blue Elephant Theatre.


For schools - please check out our education pack and workshops.


With thanks to Samuel Fanous, Mike and Clare McKinley, Steeple Aston Village Hall, John Terry, Tei Williams, Emily Moseley, Richard Kingdom, Pete Staves, The Blue Elephant Theatre, The Theatre Chipping Norton, Redbridge Drama Centre, Nick Steel, Bath Comedy Festival, Barbara Houseman, Cal McCrystal, Elizabeth Walton, Sebastian and Erin Hayes, Mark Makin, Martin West, Sue Whitehead, Guy Brigg, Matt Llewelyn-Smith, Heather Leonard, Kate Leimer, Paul O'Sullivan, RAF Upper Heyford, Pat Lake, Sarah Tinton-Phipps, Jackie Casal-Mahrou, Lynne Forbes, Maria Shickle, Orchestra Pirouette, The Comedy Pub Leicester Square, Elsie the cat, and everyone else who has helped us out – sorry, sorry, sorry if your name is missing!


And of course a massive thank you to our Indiegogo supporters:

Martin and Anne Walton, Fraser Clubb, Tom Collinson, Laura Harman, Benedict Mills, Joe Pavio, Suzette Coon, John Millar, Andrew Shepherd, Lydia Parker, Tim Richardson, Elena Rubio-Hall, John Hirst, Victoria Wood, Tim Eagle, Mark Walton, Ray Silkstone, Haidee Williams, Dan Woodhouse, David Milward, Tracey Wood, Cal McCrystal, Dorian Needham, Matt Parish, Mary Mcnally, John Millard Hicks, Stephen Turner, Tom Hardy, Elise Bramich, Chris Spiking, Thomas Eccleshare, Joost Van der Zwan , Hester Musson, Geoff Cardale, Jonathan Skinner, Ben Jones, Valentinca Ceschi, Daniel Goldman, Rachael Coopes, Felicity Parish,  Madeleine Baines, Catherine Murray, Laura Hayes, Ellie Stedhall, Des Sheahan, Russell Townley, Louisa Gummer, Jason Read, Mason Philips, James Bounds, Samantha March, Julie Balloo, Harri Grace, Alia Malik, Jeremy Todd, Michael Lesslie, Freddie Machin, Jennifer Walton, Chloe Reddaway, Giverny Petitmermet, Michelle Young, Alice Gwyn, Zee M Kane, Jack Macinnes, Itab Azzam, Jean Pierre Morillon, Tamsin Jordan, Louise Mearley, Roy and Margaret Le Herrisier, Mark Mistry, Amy Twibell, Heidi Birkett, Faye Millard, Bronwen Whitelock, Dan Mitchelmore, Jonathan Savitt, Barrie March, Guy Scurfield, Sally Halsey, Peter Liney, Annabelle Tarry.

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Instructions for American Servicemen in Britain